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The Statement Line Amplifier is a high current, low impedance, balanced Class A1 triode vacuum tube amplifier. While inherently balanced in design, its high precision wideband transformers accomplish conversion to single-ended operation in a sonically transparent way.

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Statement Line
  • Mechanical Design
    The chassis is machined at VAC from high-grade, non-ferrous aluminum with superior RF rejection properties across a wide range of radio frequencies for greater resolution and subjectively blacker backgrounds. Similar care is taken around each of the six wideband audio transformers in each unit.

    In addition to the five regular line inputs, three of which may be used with balanced sources, there is also a fixed volume input for use as a slave in a multichannel home theater system, or with other sources that control their own level. The “cinema” source may also be balanced or single ended.

    Electrical Design
    The audio chassis is designed with distinct isolated sections dedicated to certain signal functions to prevent unwanted interactions among the circuits. Interconnecting wires are carefully routed and directed by spaced machined nonmetallic guides. The hand-wired vacuum tube audio circuit assemblies are bonded to massive brass loading plates, which in turn are isolation mounted to the main chassis for a very effective filter at audio frequencies.

    The avoidance of negative feedback and inclusion of input and output transformers confers the relatively unique trait of eliminating unwanted stray interactions between the source components and power amplifier, such as long chain interactions between their feedback loops which tend to coarsen the sound and flatten the sound stage.

    Power Supply
    A massive separate power supply is a dual mono design with substantial energy storage and high inherent regulation. Both resistive and inductive elements are used in concert with high-speed capacitor assemblies for the high voltage supplies, while active voltage stabilization is included in the four heater supplies and the 12-volt trigger supply.

    Volume Control
    The volume control is a massive one-pound multisection potentiometer some two inches long and nearly two inches in diameter, with machined brass shielding between the sections and against the outside world. This extraordinary part is critical in obtaining the highest fidelity in the world. A custom engineered VAC motor drive system allows the volume to be adjusted by remote control.

  • Tubes

    2x 8416, 7308, 6922, E88CC, ECC88, 6DJ8, (or 12DJ8 twin triodes)


    11 dB


    2 sets RCA line input

    3 sets balanced/RCA selectable inputs

    1 set balanced/RCA cinema bypass input


    2 sets RCA

    2 sets balanced XLR (EIA “pin 2 hot” studio standard)

    Frequency Response

    Flat over audio band

    –3 dB bandwidth 4 Hz-250 kHz


    < 0.007% @ 1 kHz, 1 V RMS

    Maximum Input

    Infinite signal (attenuation precedes the gain circuitry)

    Maximum Output

    > 8 V RMS

    Output Impedance

    < 150 ohms, 20 Hz - 20 kHz, static (i.e., not dependent upon feedback)

    Recommended Output Load

    > 300 ohms

    Absolute Phase

    Correct from all inputs to all outputs


    External power supply, detachable umbilical cables


    May be ordered for 100v, 120v, 220v, or 230/240v operation


    Illuminated logo may be switched off.



    Cinema Bypass



    Hand-rubbed gold-flake gloss black lacquer with chrome knobs standard.

    Hand-rubbed metallic gloss silver lacquer with chrome knobs special order with additional cost.


    Two years parts and labor, excluding tubes (USA, see manual for full details)

    Dimensions (H x W x D)

    Audio chassis (not including knobs and connectors): 7 x 17.7 x 16.15 in.

    Power supply (not including connectors): 5.8 x 17.7 x 16.15 in.

    Shipping Weight

    Line stage chassis 56 lbs

    Power supply 64 lbs

    *Specifications subject to change without notice.

  • “As those of you who have been lucky enough to hear them at shows can attest, the results are phenomenally lifelike.”
    Jonathan Valin - 2015 Golden Ear Award, The Absolute Sound

    “I had finally experienced the miraculous merging—the union—that is at the heart of the yogic experience.”
    Jason Victor Serinus - Stereophile, Oct 16, 2013

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